Community Guidelines for our Decentralised Blog

Welcome to our vibrant and engaging decentralized community! We celebrate diverse voices, encourage thought-provoking discussions, and value the importance of freedom, respect, and collaboration. As we try to pave the way forward together in this unique blogging experience, we have set forth a few guidelines to foster a safe, inclusive, and respectful environment for everyone. Our 'Guidelines' aren't just rules inscribed in digital stone; they are a manifestation of our collective values and shared agreement to respect and uplift each other. These principles are meant to guide us towards building a powerful and empowering blogging community, where every participant has the freedom to express their ideas while maintaining a level of respect for others. As a decentralized blog, our strength lies in our collective responsibility and active participation. Here, every voice matters, and every contribution brings us closer to the dynamic exchange of thoughts and ideas we envision.

These guidelines aren’t exhaustive or absolute. They will evolve with us, just as we grow with each conversation, each blog post, each shared insight. Please take a few minutes to familiarize yourself with these guidelines. Remember, by participating in our community, you agree to uphold these rules and the spirit they represent.

Thank you for joining us on this exciting journey! Let's write freely, communicate effectively, and create an unforgettable, decentralized blogging experience together.

The Guidelines

1. Identity and Privacy:  
  • Members are free to use pseudonyms.
  • Impersonating another member or a public celebrity to commit identity theft is not allowed.
  • Do not share or post your or any other participants’ private information.  
  • You can make your blog either public or private. 
  • Only posts from the Public blogs will show up on the reader. 
2. Content Creation:
  • Original content is ideal and encouraged. 
  • Older, previously published content is okay, You can use your blog as a portfolio as well.
  • Always try to credit the original author or source.
  • Blatant plagiarism, i.e. copying someone else’s article line by line and trying to pass it off as your own is not allowed.
  • There is no definite ruleset for what type of content can be posted. Members are free to write any kind of content.
  • For Blogs posting Not Safe For Work content, triggering or traumatizing content, kindly mention so in your blog description, and use a tag.
  • Sexualization of Minors will not be tolerated.
  • Furry content is okay, sexual furry content should be accompanied by an appropriate tag.
3. Respect and Tolerance:
  • Fuck Respectability Politics.
  • That being said, Punching Down content will not be tolerated. This is a cardinal sin as far as this community is concerned.
4. Marketing and Spam:
  • Commercial promotions, spam, or any form of solicitation on behalf of corporate companies are prohibited.
  • Brand-collaborated Advertorial Content is not allowed.
  • Authors, Artists, and Musicians can promote their books, events, artworks, CDs, and merchandise.   
  • Service Providers are welcome to use blogs to promote their services. Services can be of any kind, some examples of Service Providers are: Haircare Personnel, Masseuses , Content Writers, Medical Services, Language Coaches, Educators from any sector, Sex Workers, Freelancers, Makers, Tailors, Dancers and Dance Troupes, Designers, Playback Singers etc
5. Network Resilience:
  • Regular backups of blog posts are recommended to maintain the integrity of the content in case of technical issues.
  • Misuse of the platform for actions like DDoS attacks, network spamming, or any activity that may harm the stability of the platform is strictly prohibited. 
6. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning:
  • Using AI to check grammar (Hemingway/Grammarly) and structure content is okay, generating whole content is not okay. 
  • AI generated art is not allowed.
  • Using members’ work to train AI models are not allowed.
  • Using any kind of Machine Learning Algorithm is not allowed
  • Manipulating reader feed using algorithms is strictly prohibited. 
7. Moderation and Enforcement:
  • Rules are enforced by the community. Reported violations will be reviewed by a group of elected moderators.
  • Members who violate these rules may be warned, temporarily suspended, or permanently banned depending on the severity of the violation.
8. Amendments:
  • These rules can be amended by a majority consensus of the active participants. Proposed changes should be discussed openly and given a reasonable amount of time for everyone to contribute to the discussion.

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