After ‘Yeh‘Yeh Tera Hai Jahan’; A Candid Conversation with Mr. BeatLust

Daxayoni: How did you you and sangma meet and decide to collaborate on this song?

Mr. BeatLust: The song is intriguing as it reflects on corporate life and how it can disrupt one’s creative musical process. This is exactly how I met Sangma. We were both part of the office band, and he mentioned that he writes and composes songs. However, he had never released a song before, which made me feel like I should encourage him to do so. Now, here we are with his debut single, “Yeh Tera Hai Jahaan.”

Daxayoni: What inspired you to write a song about the struggles of part-time musicians working a day job?

Mr. BeatLust: The fact that we both work in the same workspace, facing the same corporate resistance that hinders our creative process, led me to realize, “Beat, you should make a song about this.” This has become my new producer tag, voiced by Hruditha, a dear friend of mine. She always encourages me to write a song about any topic we discuss or talk about.

Daxayoni: How did you come up with the title “Yeh Tera Hai Jahaan” and what does it mean to you?

Mr. BeatLust: The title “Yeh Tera Hai Jahaan” was a brainchild of Sangma. He wanted to illustrate how one’s lifestyle is divided into two phases of the same coin and how challenging it is to balance that coin on a sandy beach or a slippery floor. It’s a peculiar analogy, but you get the idea, right?

Daxayoni: How did you balance your own musical styles and preferences while creating this song?

Mr. BeatLust: My style leans more towards pop-funk and electronic music, while Sangma’s style gravitates towards reggae pop and folk-infused indie music. We also incorporated hip-hop into the mix, as it’s one of my core styles. This was an ambitious project to work on, especially with the use of live recorded drums and guitars, which is not my usual approach. It was a different experience for Sangma as well, as I infused the production with a strong electro-pop element.

Daxayoni: What was the most challenging and rewarding part of the songwriting and production process?

Mr. BeatLust: The most challenging part was reconciling our visions with Sangma and his team. We had very different ideas about the song’s direction, but somehow, we managed to release the song. What a relief!

Daxayoni: How did you approach the hip-hop section of the song and what influenced your rap lyrics?

Mr. BeatLust: You wouldn’t believe it, but the hip-hop section was written in the studio just 15 minutes before the final recording. I poured my heart into the rap section. What inspired me? The lyrics are self-explanatory. They express the pain of not being financially stable as an independent musician.

Daxayoni: How was your experience working with SoundsofJoy as your sound engineer?

Mr. BeatLust: Soundsofjoy is undoubtedly one of the best artists to work with. He assisted me with significant parts of the arrangement and sound sculpting. I would choose him over anyone else, any day, to create a song with. There are other artists like Nae Poppy and ChrisP to whom I give the same level of credibility. I believe these individuals are the easiest to collaborate with. No offense to other collaborators, but I feel that my vision aligns with their styles and processes.

Daxayoni: What are your expectations and hopes for the song’s reception and impact?

Mr. BeatLust: I truly believe that “Yeh Tera Hai Jahaan” has the potential to resonate with all those corporate individuals who wanted to pursue a career in music but found themselves tied to a day job due to financial commitments.

Daxayoni: How do you plan to promote the song and reach a wider audience?

Mr. BeatLust: The promotion plan primarily involves reaching out to pitchers and working on a music video. However, I believe that performing the song to a wider audience will allow it to spread from person to person. That’s the approach I took with “Ubasiyaan.”

Daxayoni: Do you have any future projects or collaborations in mind?

Mr. BeatLust: I’m planning my next single with ChrisP and LexN and I’m extremely excited about this project. I’ve been working on this song since last year. Unfortunately, I lost the project file due to a technical issue, but I’ve managed to refurbish it! Stay tuned for more updates about the song on my Instagram page.

Daxayoni: How do you think the Indian indie music scene compares to other countries’ scenes?

Mr. BeatLust: The indie music scene in India doesn’t provide the same financial stability for artists as it does in other countries. However, many other artists might disagree with my viewpoint. I believe that in India, one can only thrive as an indie artist if they have proper financial backing or come from a wealthy family.

Daxayoni: How did you decide to move to Hyderabad in 2019 and what were the challenges and opportunities you faced there as an indie musician?

Mr. BeatLust: I relocated to Hyderabad for my job, but my passion for music drove me to participate in open mics, network with more people, and draw inspiration from other artists. Some of these individuals weren’t even musicians; they were storytellers and poets. This environment inspired me to start writing my own music, and here we are today.

Daxayoni: How did the Covid-19 pandemic affect your musical career and personal life in 2020 and how did you cope with it?

Mr. BeatLust: Covid-19 was a challenging time for the world, with many families losing their loved ones. However, on a personal level, I am grateful for it. Being confined at home allowed me to spend time alone with my thoughts and inner struggles, and I emerged stronger. I devoted most of my time to learning new production techniques on YouTube and drawing inspiration from other underground indie artists. Exploring new artists has become my favorite hobby.

Daxayoni: What motivated you to start working on your first solo album and what are the themes and genres you are exploring in it?

Mr. BeatLust: My first solo album was inspired when I discovered my “sound”. I named it “Planet Punk 2309” because it sounds like a futuristic blend of existing genres. While “YTHJ” is not part of my album, other singles like “Ubaisyaan” and “All Night Funk” are included. The album is a fusion of RnB, Funk, Hip-hop, and Electronic Pop.

Daxayoni: How do you balance your solo work and your collaborations with other artists and what are the benefits and challenges of both?

Mr. BeatLust: Creating solo singles is relatively straightforward for me. I come up with an idea, execute it, and voila, the song is complete. However, I always prefer collaborations because they offer opportunities for learning new things and reaching a new audience. It’s an enjoyable process. The only issue with solo work is that I tend to be my own worst enemy – I procrastinate a lot. It’s a somewhat contradictory answer, but I genuinely enjoy both approaches.

Daxayoni: How do you prepare for and perform at live events and what are some of the memorable experiences you have had?

Mr. BeatLust: My preparation for live shows varies significantly. If it’s a DJ set, I prepare and download my songs a week prior to the event. I practice as if I’m already on stage, performing for an imaginary crowd that’s vibing hard to my music. For vocal performances, I follow a similar routine, but with my room closed, I sing at the top of my voice. I absolutely love performing; it’s something I’m deeply passionate about.

Daxayoni: It has been two years since the announcement of your album. when is it coming out?

Mr. BeatLust: It’s been two years, huh? The issue was that all the songs were completed except for two, but then my soundscape improved. Since August 2023, I’ve been enjoying the new sound I’m creating. I believe the album is finally on its way. I’m somewhat nervous about releasing it to the audience.

Daxayoni: Has things changed anyway since you started with the album?

Daxayoni: What are your plans for the last two months of 2023?

Mr. BeatLust: That sounds exciting! Releasing two songs with LeXN and ChrisP, both of which are part of “Planet Punk 2309”, in the last two months of 2023 is a great way to end the year. I’m sure your fans are eagerly awaiting the release. Best of luck with your upcoming songs!

Daxayoni: What message would you give to your fans and enemies?

Mr. BeatLust: To my friends, I want to say – you may be few in number, but your presence during my difficult times means the world to me. I love you all. To my so-called enemies, I want to say – “My name is Bhupendra Jogi.” Just kidding! But in all seriousness, you are the ones who keep a close eye on my life updates, contribute to most of my streams, and anticipate my downfall. In a strange way, no one motivates me more than you do. So here’s to my ‘frienemies’!

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